An apology, shocking news,reclamation, volunteer work, chick-y attitudes, and a new cool take on PE . . .

So, I have been trying to get back here for a post for over two weeks now and I don’t honestly have a good excuse for not doing so.  I don’t know if the pressure to follow up my last was just too much or if I just felt like I really didn’t have much of anything to report; at least not anything that anyone reading this would be over the top, bowled over excited or impressed to read about but then that really isn’t the point is it?  Blogging is often about spouting nonsense and not everyone is going to find what you talk about interesting to them.  That’s their right to have an opinion, good or bad.  I have to remember that.  And I also need not to worry whether any will be impressed.  I suppose I feel a bit of an obligation to show you the way, convince you that the path we’ve chosen in our lives, the organic approach to teaching and raising our children, really is the right way for us.  What I need to remind myself, is that “US” is all that matters and whether or not, you (as our family members, friends, and curious readers) agree or disagree, it really doesn’t matter.  I set up this blog to educate and raise awareness to the beauty of our lifestyle, to represent the unschooling families of our generation and honestly to make a difference, really for all of us.  In my evaluation of my hesitation/procrastination to post, I have come to realize that I’ve explained our position, our choices, our way of life, enough.  From now on, I relinquish myself of the responsibility to defend but gratefully acknowledge the privilege to explain to those of you who are curious and better yet, show you why it is we are so grateful for our lifestyle.

I also realize that I spend far too much time apologizing in my posts about not being consistent enough in sharing/updating.  I should never apologize for us being too busy, for living life to the fullest.  Take it as a testament to our philosophy in being fully absorbed in each moment; learning as we live.

But there is the other side of it, the side where I want to share every moment with you all.  And so I will try my best to update you all on the inner-workings of what has been a crazy couple of weeks.

Let’s see . . .

Just to get the menial but rather bothersome things outta the way quickly:

After a full life and many years of devoted service, my hubby’s car finally broke down, died for good, about two weeks ago.  Thank goodness for the use of mine (though it costs a small house payment to keep gas in the tank, haha) and also, my mom’s (though the brakes are shot and the muffler is cracked so bad, you can hear him coming from two blocks down; haha-ha!)   Though we did consider for a moment  just buying shiny new bicycles for us, we have more realistically decided we will be getting a replacement car and along with it, a brand new shiny . . . car payment (haven’t had one of those in a while).  Hooray!

I am, as we speak, awaiting the arrival of the repairman.  We have been without an operational hot water heater for a full week now.  We have always used cold water to wash our clothes (better for the earth) and we are actually getting used to the cold showers; they are actually quite invigorating (a little yogic principle and breathing technique helps the process immensely).

With the onslaught of these financial crises, we have been in anxious anticipation for what another winter here in New York has in store for us.  The cold grey weather is one thing but we are worrying more about the financial aspect of another winter here.  As much as we adore our home here in this great little community and appreciate the recognition and support we have received, we realize that there are other places to live where some of our financial burden may be lessened and where we may have more success in finding a comradery in the unschooling lifestyle.  So while nothing has been officially decided I will go on record as saying that we are sincerely and seriously considering a move elsewhere.  We are even entertaining the idea of building ourselves the eco-home we have always wanted.  And so on this topic, we will keep ya posted . . .

In the meantime, a sneak peek at our vision

(And just to be clear for our family on the west coast who might have just gotten a bit excited at the prospect of us moving back, a move back to California is just not an option; sorry.)


So with all the not-so-fun things outta the way, something fun that has been keeping us all rather busy is the upcoming annual Chicks Along the Canal show, in which Livy and I will be participating. It is a group of local gals, an outdoor marketplace for creative women entrepreneurs, of which we are included.  I will be featuring some of my artwork there in addition to soliciting my altered art commissions.   Livy will be selling her photographs and some of her reclaimed fashion accessories she has been hard at work making.  I am so proud of her!

Trystan has been working very hard on a new stop-motion movie and it really shows!  He is becoming so good at this and I think this is his best yet.

Be sure to check out the completed video on T’s You Tube channel.  And while you’re there be sure to check out his “Freddie Wong” inspired videos (written, choreographed, animated and acted by the T himself).

He has also taken up Parkour-(sometimes abbreviated PK)  a way of conditioning the body and the mind by learning how to overcome physical obstacles with speed and efficiency. Originally developed in France, the main purpose of the non-competitive sport is to teach participants how to adapt their movements to their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, jumping, and a combination of agility and speed. Using their surroundings to their advantage, traceurs (parkour practitioners) train to be able to identify and utilize alternate or more efficient paths. Parkour can be practiced anywhere, but areas dense with obstacles offer many different training opportunities.

For more info check out this awesome site: www.parkour.com



The kids are so great about finding out ways that they like to spend their time and really do so much on their own but we also have our projects that we work on together.

Trystan has recently really taken an interest in the art of both ancient AND advanced weaponry.  He’s lucky enough right now to have some really good friends who share a love of the art of swordfighting but his hope is to start a local (bigger) group of kids that meet weekly for practice in the art of swordfighting.

(A lightsaber duel wouldn’t be completely outta the picture, either)


Trystan improvised and added onto a tutorial he found online to create this “Assassin’s Creed” hidden blade.  He learned a couple of new trades (soldering, riveting, wirewrapping, and a little whittling) with some instruction from Dad.

Be share to check out his “vlogging” of the process on his channel.

And last but not least, the kids together with myself and my mom have been volunteering our time at the local community garden.  All of the food grown and harvested is donated to the local food pantry to help those in need.



I am so grateful that we are able to devote our time to such causes and that the kids are made aware of such important contributions.  They continue to volunteer at the Community Co-Op, have given from their own resources to animal shelters in our area, and because of his stand on certain matters, Tryst has even earned the title of “Eco-boy” amongst some of the kids at the park and community swimming pool.  He is proud of that title and as parents we couldn’t be more  proud of our ever conscious, free-thinking, little activists!

Though I, myself, tend to not consider myself a real lover of the politicians of this world, I have to agree with one in particular when he said the following:

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

-John Fitgerald Kennedy

And on that note, I bid you all farewell until next time, however long it may be until I post again.  No apologies! 🙂






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