“Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments”- Rose Kennedy

As I sit composing this post, just outside the window,  there is a wicked wind blowing about rain in all directions.  What was predicted to be a harrowing hurricane (known by the ever classic name Irene: sounds more like a movie siren sophisticate from the 1930’s) has now been downgraded to a tropical storm slated to bombard the entire eastern coast for an estimated 24 hours.  If it weren’t for that awful foggy feeling in my head and the enduring aches and pains I systematically feel every time it rains, I would say “Bring it on!”.  I feel slightly less enthusiastic about it but have to admit there’s something so soothing about the sound of falling rain and way I figure it, it’s a good as excuse as any to stay inside and just relax; a perfect opportunity for a blog post.  And so here I am . . .

Livy made this adorable cake to mark a milestone for Trystan . . .

Though we tend to try to stay focused on appreciate all the “moments” in life, this  past couple of weeks has held a few “milestones” for our family.  Daddy turned another year older on the 18th and just six days later, my little boy, my firstborn turned the big 14!  At 13 he became a “teen”-ager but it somehow seems so much more official.  Wow!  Birthdays are never a really big deal in our home (for various reasons I can expound on later) but we see them as a way to celebrate another year together, to reflect on all  that we have accomplished and all that we have learned and just a fun opportunity to show the kids how much we love and support them.  On that note, any gifts the kids receive are usually intended to show support for their career ventures even now.  Last year we purchased a laptop for Livy in order for her to be able to both work on her fashion designs and photography and to blog about her fashion design, as well. (more on that in just a bit; teehee)



This year, we invested in Trystan’s film-making career with the software he needed to work on his stop motion films and also some props with which to work with.

A birthday as a milestone, always brings with it so many thoughts and reflections on the past.  This one, especially, was one of those times for me.  Those who know us intimately, know of the struggles we endured in seeing Trystan get to this point in his life.  We couldn’t be any prouder of him right now!  When I think back to fifteen years ago, awaiting the arrival of our firstborn, my plan was so different.  My plan was the same plan of those around me, with those of whom I was familiar with and my intentions the same.  My kids were to have the same life that I did (minus the broken marriage I had hoped).  And I thought my plan was a good one.  There were facets of it I had right; quitting my job, staying at home, completely natural childbirth, breastfeeding, family bed, eating naturally and healthily, etc.  I was definitely on the right track but there were pivotal parts to the equation that I wasn’t completely familiar with, not even until the recent years.  It turns out there was actually more that I needed to cut out of our life than there were things to add.  Doing so, allotted space for some really great things that have come our way.  And we feel confident that it has allowed our children to grow and branch out in ways that they would have otherwise been held captive from.  We are so grateful and so proud of them both.

One particular avenue that has opened for us, is our capability to be active in supporting all the right causes.  Any one who has followed our blog knows that we are big activists for our environment.  Our entire household is run on our belief that all the little things we do really matter: conserving energy, growing our own food, supporting local economy, and educating those we come in contact with about the importance of such matters (some of you may recall a previous post about Trystan’s new role as the town’s “Eco-boy”?).  Something that has been brewing locally over the last year or so but especially in just the last couple of months is the plight of our natural reserves here in New York state with the threat of what most know of as “hydro-fracking”.

We, as well as many others here, refuse to be “fracked” ! In fact there is no “fracking” way we can allow it!

I joke, a bit, but it is in actuality, a very serious (life threatening, even) matter and we consider it a personal obligation,  at this point, to warn, all those we know.  Need more information . . .

Click on the photo below to be transported to a great video on a great site!


For my local friends, I would admonish you to visit the site below, sign the petition, beg the governor to give us more time to be educated on the process and the right to be listened to.


We also recently attended a public screening and hosted a private screening in our own home of the documentary Gasland.  I highly suggest it for anyone wanting to be more educated on exactly what hydraulic fracturing entails.  Available on Netflix or for purchase at Amazon.com.

 On a happier, lighter note . . .



Alivia was featured in the local paper again.  This time for her fashion design.

As it appeared in the Little Falls Evening Times online . . .
Alivia Tabangay, 11, of Little Falls, stands next to the "reclaimed" fashion design she created for the green-initiative exhibit at the second annual "Chicks Along the Canal" presentation at Canal Place . . .

Our work (along with so many other volunteers) at the community garden was featured in the paper just yesterday.  We had an especially good harvest this past week.  We had so much fun! Livy wore her overalls for the occasion and when we left she said: “See Mom, this is the kind of life I want, what I wanna do at our own house everyday!” So cute! And best part is that we are helping those in need. Grateful to be a part of this venture.

Love the boots! heehee

As Summer appears to be drawing to a close, working in the garden will be one of the kids’ favorite memories from this season.  Swimming at the local city pool is another event they will miss.  We made sure to get over there one last time before it closed and came home with a parting gift of sorts.

Trystan rescued this little guy from the shallow end of the pool . . .

Research led us to identify him/her as a Northern Redback salamander.


We have every intention of finding just the right spot to let him go but in the meantime we have set up this little habitat for him and have been collecting small insects and larvae from the garden daily.


Be back soon with more of our latest adventures!


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