Visitors and Artists in Residence

Though the weather seems to indicate otherwise (it’s either too warm or pouring rain), other events seem to point to the fact that Autumn in New York is officially in full swing; the trees are changing into all sorts of brilliantly beautiful tones, the wind is picking up and the sun sets to sleep a little earlier each day.  Late summer/early fall is probably my favorite time of year here on the east coast and I intend to cherish every moment of it until the inevitable arrival of all that is winter sets in; heehee.

(photo by Rick Farber)


One of the things that has become kind of a tradition for us (thanks to our friend who visits every October) is a trip to the cider mill in Fly Creek.  This year was only slightly different in that we got to take along with us some special guests.  My Dad and his wonderful wife came for a sort of last minute, kind of an unexpected-pleasure, sort of visit and we thought it’d be a nice surprise to take them with us.

Yasa is so cute in this photo with her hood pulled tight. Teehee


It was pretty chilly and rained off and on but that didn't stop us from having a good time anyway.

Though only here for a three-day weekend, we also managed a visit a little further South to Cooperstown.

The large bronze man you see behind us is Mr. Cooper himself and on this site stood his rather grand mansion. It is now a quaint little park that sits beside the Hall of Fame.

the Otesaga Hotel- beautiful historic, famed to be haunted (aren't they all?) with a magnificent view of Lake Otsego

Just so happens that the historic Herkimer Homestead was holding their annual “Homesteading Days” on their last day here so we took advantage of that and it turned out to be a really great little field trip for the whole family.

General Nicholas Herkimer's Mansion built in 1764 from the vantage point on the banks of Mohawk River


dipping our own beeswax candles the "ole fashioned way" . . .



This root cellar was unlike anything I'd ever seen. Add this to our list of must-haves when we officially become homesteaders!


Of course, we also made sure to get a couple shots at the Mohawk River overlook point . . .

Silly grandpa managed to get the same reaction from all of us! Heehee).


After our guests left the house was pretty quiet and mellow and we all took advantage of that.  After a few days of really just taking it easy, it seemed the kid’s creative streaks returned in full force and in ways that they haven’t been creative for a while.  After being more of a pen and ink/pencil sketch artist for so long, Trystan’s desire to do a little painting returned.

After watching the movie “Rio” , Trystan has really taken an interest in finding out all he can about these magnificent birds. The painting above is one of a hyacinth macaw; the birds that most people mistakenly think are the ones featured in Rio however after more research, he discovered that they are actually Spix Macaws and not only are they rare but also endangered and possibly extinct in the wild.  Here is some information taken straight from his facebook status as well as the dialogue that ensued:

Did you know that the “Spix’s Macaw” AKA “Cyanopsitta Spixii” is one of the most endangered birds in the world? In the movie “Rio” the birds in there are commonly mistaken by people as Hyacinth Macaws. Both are almost the same species, except Hyacinth Macaws are much bigger, and as far as I know, friendlier.

A bit of random information… Food for thought…


Wow if there so rare have u ever thought about a green project or
charity work of some sort
I personally would help out in any wayI can if you had any ideas


Well, they are currently holding about 86 macaws at a wild life organization. Not sure if there is a donation for it, though there probably is. I will do some more research!

And research he did.  We have now officially added Spix’s macaws to our list of animal causes.! If you too are interested in helping out, visit the link here to the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation.  And to find out how you can help with other endangered species, be sure to check out our list of links on our sidebar.

Last but not least, we attended a special event together as a family this past week and it was so fun.  Can’t hardly believe it but “The Phantom of the Opera” just celebrated it’s 25th year onstage and in honor of that, there were limited engagement movie screenings of a filming at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.  It was absolutely fabulous and not surprisingly (she is my flesh and blood, after all) Livy said it took everything in her power not to sing out as loud as she could.  “Mom, I seriously feel like I’m gonna burst!  I can’t stand it!”

Here’s a little impromptu project she came up with just 1/2 hour before we left the house.

That about does it except for this:

I must close this post with a special thanks to my Dad and Yasa for some of these wonderful photos.

So “Thanks Dad! Thanks Yasa!”  Can’t wait ’til you come back for another visit!




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