A new beginning . . .

Losing Topper has been one of the hardest things we have ever gone through but we realize there is still so much love to be given and so much room left in our hearts for new memories. This entire process, even in as little time as it has been, has been one of tremendous awakening and growth for all of us. Death/Losing someone you love has the same affect on you regardless of what species the one lost belongs to. We are all living breathing creatures with inner spirits/souls that make us who we are. There is a reason we feel connected to our animals. Because we are, everything on this planet is. And so we feel a loss when that connection is physically broken but the spiritual emotional connection remains intact. If only in our sadness we can keep reminding ourselves of this I know in time we will be able to heal: to simply cherish the memories we have of him and not feel a loss or sadness attached to them. We are each grieving in our own way and I must respect that. A week ago I felt like there was no way I would ever be able to open up my heart and love another until I could fully heal from the loss of Topper but for some the hole in the heart needs be filled just enough so that they are able to even start to heal. We know that there is never any way we can replace our beloved Toppie dog but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for another. And so . . . we have some news!

It was a little sooner than we anticipated but we found this little guy and just couldn’t turn our back on him. There were so many dogs worthy of a good home and we wished we could take them all but decided on just this one.   We are excited at the prospect of what the future holds with this new little addition to our family.

We proudly present to you:

Sir Oliver Tabangay



Doesn’t he look like he’s meditating?! Haha!

These shots of him are proof he will fit in quite nicely with our “out-there”  hippie ideals! I’m sure of it!

 There were so many animals there at the Ayres Animal Shelter in need of homes.  We wished we could’ve taken them all home but obviously it wasn’t an option.

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt a pet, please consider the Ayres Animal Shelter.  And if you’re not able to adopt but still want to help, I know for a fact that they are in need of volunteers and food for the animals.

Click on the icon below to be transported to their wonderful site and while you’re at it, check the “Adopted” page for our first family photo taken on adoption day.

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