Follow up (on a lighter note) . . .

Mom has decided she wants to be a photographer and hopes that along with that aspiration she will be able have this blog be as beautiful as she always dreamed.

I have always enjoyed photography and the challenge of capturing life in it’s beautiful natural form as well as from a more artistic vantage point.  Up until now, I have always shot with the only camera I had at my disposal and it has served me well to a point, but I am craving to do things that my little Canon Upper level Powershot just can’t do.
So I have been doing my research, expanding my knowledge and saving my pennies (or at least attempting to) as we speak.  Hoping to purchase this baby right here . . .

Isn’t she booo-ti-ful?!

In the meantime, I will have to settle for these as my best attempts with what I have.

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