A Feature post on Alivia . . .

I was going through some old files on my laptop and discovered that although I am good at “documenting” our many adventures and projects (I take pictures of nearly everything), I am not as good, at actually sharing them.  So, I decided that I would go ahead and pick a few highlights from past and present to share.

Both of my kiddos are so talented in so many ways! Our household is one overflowing with constant creativity and all of us follow our many passions.  I am so proud of both them and their many accomplishments.  Therefore I have decided to devote a post to acknowledge that; one for each of them.

Today’s post will feature Alivia and her many talents!


Her love for taking pictures has inspired me so much that I’ve decided to pursue a path in photography, as well.  To see for yourself, this girls’ talent, click on the link above on the bar to be taken to the Vintage Rainbow Photography gallery.

(2009-how cute is her outfit, too?)

Covering a local boutique’s grand opening  (2010)

Her first exhibit of her art photography. (pictured here with her first sale in the summer of 2010)


Livy has always been into fashion (been putting together her own outfits since she was three) but recently she has progressed from simply putting this and that together creatively to actually planning out patterns, picking out fabric and sewing together her own clothing designs.

Working on one of her very first designs; a bandeau dress. (2010) Her second dress she put together is the one she is wearing in the picture up above at her first photo exhibit.

Proudly posing before her display at the annual Chicks Along the Canal celebration; from sketch to completion, this entire outfit was made by upcycling thrift store/yard sale finds. (2011)

Sewing together her “circle crop top “; a design she put together from start to finish (pattern and all).

Modeling the finished product (along with her upcycled jewelry design) 2012

and simply as a TRENDSETTER

Rocker Chic

Nerd done right!

Sophisticated in blue

Colored streaks for the day (she actually painted on her hair with chalk pastels and a bit of water)


Livy’s latest favorite.  What started out as a bit of dabbling with special effects makeup after hitting an after Halloween sale at a local store, has now progressed into some seriously fun makeup artistry.  She has even started making her own makeup tutorial videos!

Living doll (2012)

Dia de los Muertos half-mask (2011)

80’s inspired punk rock photo shoot (2011)

The Red Queen; queen of hearts (2011)

and one of my personal favorites, from one of Liv’s first films she created . . .

Tarrant, the Mad Hatter (2010)


When it comes to arts and crafts, both Livy and her brother are encouraged to try out all sorts of things.  We are big believers in making things on our own and if it’s something that can be created out of something else that’s even better!  We are big upcyclers in our house.  “Waste not, want not”!

After I created a doll for Livy, she wanted to give it a try herself and started with this sock monkey.

One of her favorite artistic hobbies; clay miniatures.


and most recently . . .


Alivia, has to date, put together 4 complete films and made many other short videos.  She creates them almost entirely on her own (minus the times Mom steps in to hold the camera or make a cameo appearance, heehee).  Here are some still shots of her in action . . .

Joe, the bounty hunter

Putting her latest movie together on her laptop.

And last but not least, my favorite of Liv’s short films . . .


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