I like to feel dynamite! I like to feel outta sight! Mama’s got a brand new JOB”. Oh and maybe a brand new life, too!


(for your entertainment pleasure, the title above to be sung to the tune of James Brown’s “Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag”)

Job, as in the verb form of  to “do casual or occasional work” and not the noun form of  “a paid position of regular employment.”

This Mommy blogger is now a “foodie” blogger.  Even added a tab to my banner above.  😉

Only one month ago, I began swapping recipes and sharing my latest vegan culinary adventures with a cousin of mine and in that short period of time, we figured out (rather quickly, of course) that we absolutely HAD to share our experiences with the rest of the world.  We were just having too much fun to not invite the rest of y’all to join in!

And so Peas in the Pod was born!

It’s two crazy vegan cousins on an experimental voyage together, sharing our culinary adventures . . .

And it has been about all I have been doing in my spare time.  For that reason, I fear THIS blog has been sorely lacking and I feel a bit sorry for that.  As passionate as I am about good wholesome natural food, I am just (if not more) passionate about the importance of good wholesome education in it’s natural form.  It’s because it has become such our way of life, that we are so busy living our lives, that I often allow, without realizing it, of course, too much time to pass without stopping here a bit to share.

But I do also have to admit that there is a part of me, I realize now, that may have been inadvertently staying away for the reason that things are bit unsettled here in our household.  No worries! It’s not anything serious and it’s all for good reason.   I suppose I was waiting for things to settle, become a bit clearer, before I posted. And I had hoped I would be sharing good news soon.  But alas it seems that there are still things left to be sorted out.  It stems from this: we decided awhile back, that we were ready for a change.  Though there are so many facets to this little town that we love, we’ve stayed here in this place long enough, tried our best to work with what we have, to know that we are never going to find what we need here in New York.  We have, I am proud to say, grown so immensely in this past year, had our minds opened and our horizons broadened in so many amazing ways!  But in finding our path, we realize that in all the ways that it matters we are so alone here and  have been for a long time.  We need (the kids, most especially)  to be in a place where there are others like us. Gosh!  Sounds a bit like we are alien beings!  And sometimes, I tell ya it does feel that way!  Funny!  So we are focusing intently, letting our intentions be known, and readying ourselves to take advantage of whatever opportunity it is that comes our way.  We are ready to “Leap”, bracing ourselves for wherever it is we are intended to land, confident “the net will appear!”   We may not know WHERE we are going, but we are confident that we’re going!

"Leap and the net will appear"-John Burroughs

Not that we don’t have a few special places in mind . . .

This looks like a place that may suit us just fine! It's only our favorite place ever and the place we feel most centered. 🙂

So, my mind, my focus, my all, really, has been on seeing those goals of ours come to fruition.  Placing ourselves into a stance where we are ready to go at a moment’s notice, not to miss the mark, let our chance fly by.  It’s probably the reason behind my writing this all out, putting it out there, so to speak!  And then trusting that it will happen for us.  We have always told the kids that their dreams can come true, that they can do anything they set their mind and more importantly their heart, to.  So here’s Mom and Dad’s chance to set the example, set the course for their life experience.

 Hang on! Here we go!!!




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