Artist, Jewelry Designer, Film Maker, Role Player . . .

Today’s post is dedicated to our incredibly talented, smart, super creative, sensitive and compassionate son, a young man of many many talents, and someone who is destined for so many many incredible things!


He has a series of these, this being my favorite.


Inspired by the nature that surrounds us . . .
A creature of his own imagination
A colored pencil sketch drawn from memory; one of our favorite places in the world and the place we hope to call home one day . . .


Trystan decided to take up jewelry making about a week ago and has been creating like mad.  He currently has two separate local places in town interested in carrying his stuff .

Wooden beads hand cut, carved and shaped from twigs and pendant cut from coconut shell and accented with wire wrapping.
Handcut and painted wooden beads with “shark tooth” pendant (carved from a tree branch, as well)




Handcarved wooden beads handpainted and wire wrapped.








Arm gauntlets


Custom made swords for battles with friends . . .

AND last but not least, I leave you with a couple of my favorite of Trystan’s stop-animation films . . .

Star Wars: the Force Unlego’d II

AND this One:

Tron Lightcycle (hand drawn effects in Photoshop CS)

Currently “Top Rated” Tron video on You Tube right now!!

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