~Artorama Gala fun in Hamilton, New York~

Those who read my last post will know that my son Trystan has been working on a custom designed suit of what I can only classify as a sci-fi suit of armour (he could explain better what it actually is, haha).  For those who are not associated with this super creation, here are a few shots of the process:

Every piece sketched out and designed by Trystan.


the detail on the back is insane! Every last vertebrae handcut.



Though I feel he will probably keep adding more pieces as the inspiration hits, for now, he is done with it and it is AWESOME!!!  So awesome, I knew I had to find a way, a outlet for him to showcase his talent.  I noticed a friend of mine was going to be attending an event in a local art district and naturally I asked if it was by invite only or if anyone was welcome to attend.  I was thrilled to find out we could attend and though it was slated to be a busy day and an hour’s drive to get there, we went for it.

After some last minute mad dashes to the store to get a few final details right, Trystan was set and ready to go.

After realizing we weren’t going to be able to bring her original costume idea to fruition, Livy and I decided on something we thought would be perfect and we set to work on the daunting task of transformation:

This makeup job was the combined efforts of us both and took nearly 2 hours to complete. It was a challenge but ultimately we were pretty pleased with the result. Note to self: invest in some better quality makeup next time. 😉

Before I reveal who she was, here are some close-up shots of her costume:

her “rib-cage”


her “bone-y”arm

Any ideas, yet?  Perhaps the pale skin?  Or did you catch the snippet of blue hair?

Well, what if I told you we are MAJOR Tim Burton fans in our house? You got it, don’t ya? heehee

Well, without further ado . . .

I present to you . . .


Livy as Emily, the Corpse Bride

And her faithful sidekick and bodyguard, Trystan, in his full exo-skeleton suit of armour from the future, complete with arc reactor core.

Poised and ready . . . Onto the Broad Street Gallery we go!!!

Located in darling town of Hamilton, this place is home to some of the coolest, quirkiest artists~  We felt in our element immediately upon entering.  If you are ever in the area, definitely recommend a stop there.  Great restaurants and shops, too!

Click on picture to be taken to their facebook page for more pics of the day’s events and to check out all of the cool art.



Both Livy and I got in on the pumpkin painting fun!



We really enjoyed ourselves and were so glad we made the trip.  We had a lovely time, discovered a new place, made some new friends and the people there were just so nice.  It was so great to have other artistically minded individuals appreciate all the creativity and hard work that went into making their costumes and the kids felt so good about themselves.  Mission accomplished for this mom! And we will definitely be back for another day trip.

(There is an Indian restaurant just two doors down that we are totally anticipating a trip to.  heehee)

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