A brave goodbye and the reward of a Hello*

This new year has brought with it a lot of positive change and growth for us all. We remain committed to finding our way out of our current situation and though we long to be in that new place, we are trying our best to remain in the moment, upholding our faith and trust in what will come of our conspiring with the universe to make it happen. Part of that is finding joy in where we are, maintaining hope in the process, and focusing on what comfort and contentment we still stand to gain from our surroundings as they are. To that endeavor, here is what we’ve been up to . . .

Trystan was blessed to have been asked to be a participant in the local Student Art Show at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts.

He had both of the pieces below featured on exhibit in the art gallery for the entire month of December.



At the open house/reception we were able to meet some of the other local art instructors and art enthusiasts of the community. It was so wonderful to have Trystan’s talent recognized and validated from perfect strangers (rather than just his family, you know how it is).


This exposure led to a wonderful series of events that ultimately climaxed in my receiving the following message from a member of the MVCA board:
“Through anonymous donations and the MVCA we would like to extend a full scholarship to Trystan to take Frank Wilcox’s 10 week Mixed Media Painting course (adults only) starting tomorrow 1/24 from 9:00 – 11:30.
I am sorry for such short notice but our board met tonight and we just got home.
We are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to such a talented teenager!!”

Snuck in and got this shot today . . . The artist in concentration 🙂


honing his still life sketching. . .

I am pleased to report 7 weeks in that he is thoroughly enjoying the course. Each week I pick him up he is beaming and someone always approaches me to tell me what a wonderful addition to the class he is! And I am happy to report that we have discovered that this course qualifies for credit toward art school.  Next up will be a portfolio building class.

At home, Livy and I have been focusing more on the domestic side of things.

Flourless healthy cookies made from chickpeas, peanut-butter and a bit of raw honey.

She has been honing her healthy baking skills . . .

Ever on the path to good health, we have all taken an interest in juicing. Dad and I both have been drinking our green juice daily (the kids not so much, but they’ve got time, haha). Coming up with new and inventive and ever allergen-free recipes has been keeping me busy with my Peas in the Pod page.

Part of our desire to start juicing came from the feeling that this cold winter would never end and our bodies have all been yearning for something fresh, alive and GREEN!

This year will be the first year we have attempted to grow our own wheatgrass.  Obviously, it was something that would need to be done here in the house, in the kitchen, on our windowsill.  In researching we found that you could grow it both in soil and hydroponically.  We opted to try out BOTH.  We started our seeds (berries, really) on the same day. Above, Livy, proudly displays the soil in the pot version.  Below is what happened when we took the hydroponic, sort of sprouting route.

As you can see, our life, so far this year is full of new growth and new beginnings!  And yet we are so excited at the prospects and transitions that still lie ahead for us.   As we prepare to say goodbye to some things, we are grateful for the reward of being introduced to the new.

Some future prospects we have in mind:

Mom is seriously thinking about going ahead with the dreads I have longed for, for so long.  I will be blogging about that for sure!

We will all be sharing in the Chopra Center 21 day meditation series starting March 11th.  I really enjoyed the last one on Creating Abundance in our lives. I would have to say: “pretty life changing for me!”

We have plans to visit Ft. Myers, Florida with the prospect of seeing if it might be somewhere we may consider putting down our roots for a bit.

This June marks Trystan’s last and final month of formal school reporting (I can’t believe we made it!) and then will begin his journey to receiving his GED in preparation for art school. And come August, he will be old enough to get his learner’s permit to start driving.  Wow!

As for Livy: she’s just biding time until the weather warms up so that she can be free to wear what she wants (winterwear in upstate New York doesn’t really provide for much freedom of fashion expression, haha).  And of course, to get in some serious skateboarding time! hehe

Gotta enjoy the Adventure! Keep Believing!

Light and Love to you and yours!

the Tabangays


*Title taken from this Paulo Coehlo quote:
If you’re brave to say ‘goodbye,’ life will reward you with a ‘hello.’

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