It’s all come to THIS!


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom - Anais Nin                        favorite quote - by Thoreau           Yep! So profound for where I am at right now!                                         ? hello, goodbye               love happy messages :)


And on it goes:

Decide to start living the life you dream of

If you never try, you will never know

Leap and the net will appear

Stop saying I WISH and start saying I WILL

Everything you want is on the other side of fear

And finally the one that sealed our fate . . .


Ah, the first step. Keep this quote in mind!


I have always been a believer in the whole DREAM BIG or GO HOME theory.  . . .  If we were to fully embrace the idea that the Universe is an endless source of great energy and a vast field of infinite potentiality/possibility, we would then believe that what most  (and we’ve had some) will scoff at as being impossible is TRULY POSSIBLE, not just for us, but for any one of us.  With that being said and with the support and urging of all of the brilliant people who had the COURAGE to speak all of those words above (I have to believe they know/knew something we haven’t the courage to see) . . . I have decided that, You (my fine readers, supporters and friends), are going to be with us on our journey to see our dreams come true.  We have many (as do all of you) but one in particular remains a constant for us right now.  Anyone who has read any of my past posts will have picked up on my hints.  I have hinted, rather than come out and said it directly, because I was afraid but I have made peace with that fear and on the flip-side I have found I rather enjoy the thrill of an unknown adventure.  So I invite you to come with us on our journey . . . wherever it may take us  . . . all the way to the glorious beauty and loving energy of the Hawaiian islands!!

We are already on our way!!

As I write this, Rodel is on a plane headed to Raleigh, North Carolina.  Tomorrow morning he will interview for a job position there.  We haven’t spent much time in Raleigh, don’t know a whole heck of a lot about Raleigh, but a series of events (that I now realize go back as far as a year, maybe more) has opened this door for us and we feel compelled to go through it.  North Carolina has come up many times for us over the years and we feel that has to mean something. And there are other factors (encouraging ones) that weigh in on our decision: Livy will be in the same state as her best friends, which means easier visits, a great big group of unschooling teens which means support from other natural parenting families, a larger amount of artsy free-spirited types, a shorter less stressful commute for daddy, and the opportunity for the simpler life we have been yearning for.  But chasing after this may not be all rainbows and roses.   In order to forge ahead there are obstacles we will need to overcome; a possible separation from one another initially and the biggest being this giant historic house we need to sell but again circumstances seem to be unfolding in our favor, in just the right way (and I have no “reasonable” explanation why); all manifestations pointing toward the progression of our journey.  Our role is to be the river and flow with it.  All the while remaining open, flexible, grateful for the events that will lead us down the path to our ultimate goal.

It’s taken me some time but I now see, we now understand, that sometimes a detour must be made in order to arrive at your destination in the proper time and fashion.  We are sooo okay with that!  Determined to enjoy this trip, obstacles and all.  All we really have is this moment and as I type this, “this” moment has passed, now becomes “that” moment, and NOW we are onto the next moment . . . haha . . . but you get what I mean.  We are just going to take it a moment at a time and we know that one day this whole venture to leave New York and trek into new territory will just be moments that once were and we will be enjoying the moments of the here and now in our little paradise, whenever, wherever that may be.


We’re counting on it!


*A special thank you to my Pinterest pals for the great signage used in this post.  For credits and sources see my Pinterest board HERE.

(lots of other inspiring “Words to live by” there, as well)

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