Eenie Meenie Miney Mo . . . where will we go?

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers, let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
My mother told me/says to pick the very best one, and that is Y-O-U
A funny little rhyme but I think in our case, it totally applies.  In our attempt to find our next residing place, we have visited quite a few places, trying to pick just the right one.  At times it’s felt a bit dizzying and discouraging but we have had some fun times out of it.  Right now it reads something like: Raleigh, Apex, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Preoccupied and stressed a bit as I have been with the whole process, I haven’t been able to get over here as quickly to share as I intended.  But now, that things are beginning to settle down and some clarity has been achieved (so grateful!), I’m back.  
Just a quick share of some highlights of our interstate traveling/scouting adventures.
Our New Yorker friends keep trying to convince us that we will be miserable if we ever moved to Florida.
“It’s toooo hot there!”  “Oh, it’s awful!”  “It’s all snowbirds.  You guys are too hip for that!” are just some of the remarks we’ve heard.  But we’ve considered it anyway.  A few locations actually: Panama City Beach (we’ve yet to take the trip), Cape Coral AND . . .
  Ft. Myers/Sanibel Island


Greenville, South Carolina and Southern North Carolina


Been to visit this area a few times.  The first time we visited with an intent to check out the area for a potential place to relocate to was way back in 2011 (Can’t believe it’s been that long!) We have friends in both Asheville, NC and Greer, SC, so we have seen both places and just about everything in between.  LOVE Asheville for the creative energy and free spirits!!  We “Radicals” would fit right in, heehee.  And the surrounding areas of  the Blue Ridge mountain range is so beautiful.  But we also really appreciate how lax the homeschooling laws are in South Carolina.



IMG_4409 IMG_4298



We. most recently, returned to the Carolinas to check out the area of Raleigh.  Though the initial job prospect fell through (just another message from the universe that has provided some clarity) we saw enough to know that we will definitely consider that area, as well.  An added bonus: a whole slew of unschooled teens just waiting for us!  And I have made a couple really great online connections already.  In another time, perhaps?

CHAPEL HILL was great! Reminds us of all the wonderful things we love about Asheville . . .



With all of our family being mostly in California, we’ve been back to visit many many times in the last 12 years but it wasn’t until recently that we even considered going back.  All the reasons we left in the first place are still there (high cost of living, too many people, traffic, smog, earthquakes, etc.) but in the recent years (being here for so long without the socialization we crave) I’ve come to realize how much we miss our family.  On those days when the kids are feeling isolated and down, it’d be so nice for them to have a day with their cousins.  A day at the beach with my favorite (and only, heehee) brother the kids’ favorite uncle.  And an evening at my dad’s is always a welcome respite, to be loved and supported; to just be with people who get us!  AND let’s not forget the warm weather and access to the beach!  Plus Liv loves all the cool shopping options.  haha

So IF we were ever to add CA back to our list . . .




DSC07254 DSC07251DSC07242clonedcreamclr

Anyone else starting to see a pattern here?

AND last but not least . . .

Though it has been a few years since our last visit, there still remains one place we have been to that we feel more connected to than anywhere else.

The island of Maui



Eenie meenie miney mo . . .

Where will we go?

Next up on our traveling itinerary: PUERTO RICO.  Could it be?

STAY TUNED . . . .


2 thoughts on “Eenie Meenie Miney Mo . . . where will we go?”

    1. Thanks Jolynn! We really are so grateful for all the choices that are made available. The world really is a wondrous place! AND we are lucky, every one of us (you included). We are firm believers that we ALL are blessed with the right to choose and the choices we are afforded really are limitless. When our true hearts’ desires makes themselves clear and our intention is fully set, I have no doubt we will end up exactly where we need to be.


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