An Island Adventure

This whole week I have !felt so scattered!  Simple things like straightening the house and getting the laundry done seemed almost insurmountable.  My mind (nor my heart) was simply in it.  It (they) were  most definitely somewhere else . . .

It was a last minute (some would say totally impulsive) decision but yet when presented with the opportunity, a total no-brainer!  With so much more going for us than riding against us, we knew in our hearts we’d be crazy not to go for it and felt absolutely compelled to do whatever it took to be there.

Puerto Rico was calling and we most certainly had to answer!  And we are so glad we did!

Our island adventure began before we even left the house that oh so early Thursday morning . . .

DSC_4421 DSC_4431

We had been planning to have a yard sale and with one week to go,  the kids both pitched in and found some of their things they were willing to part with in an effort to raise some spending money.  The night before, Livy worked so hard (hours) to make beautiful autumnal leaf shaped shortbread cookies to sell.

Each came with a sweet little “Cookies for Puerto Rico” label.  As well as a little card attached that read:


We didn’t have a whole lot of customers but those we did have were so nice, so generous!

We arrived in the evening and made our way to where we were staying, a 2 hour drive from San Juan into the beautiful  mountainous jungle-scape coastal town of Rincon.  Even in the dusk and dark, it’s beauty did not escape our notice. And when we arrived at the place with which we were to stay, we were overcome with excitement and disbelief; a cozy little 1920’s style island home owned by the sweetest little lady AND just steps from a gorgeous strip of private beach.  Wow!

All made possible by two women with whom I had never had any contact with prior to planning this trip, two women who, motivated by love and a shared passion for what we believe in, were willing to help four complete strangers; evidence of how powerful a force LOVE can be!  Thank you Franka and Carmen

One of the main reasons we took this trip was to show our support for the Peaceful Parenting workshop that was to take place there.  It was hosted by a wonderful organization (led by dear Franka) called the Art of Embracing Life (how could we not support an organization all about that?!) and the main speaker was to be someone with whom we were not only all too familiar with but someone on this path with whom I had grown to feel a real connection with; my friend and sister on the peaceful parenting path , Dayna Martin.  Her wonderful family was to accompany, of course and we were all so excited at the prospect of seeing each other.

We would have loved to have more time together but as we were only going to be able to be there for the weekend, we made the most of our one free day together.

Got in a bit of beach time until the storm forced us into retreat.  The kids all worked together to collect supplies to build their own raft, each taking opposite sides of the beach to forage.  Large bamboo reeds tied together with jungle vines; it was sheer awesome!  Not to mention the teamwork involved.  And most of all, I was just so impressed (though not the least bit surprised) with how easily, naturally (despite having never even spent time together before) they all fell into synch with one another.


One of the highlights of our time at the beach: Livy and Rodel discovered this starfish just beneath their feet.

After the beach, our time together continued back at home.  It was so wonderful to just “be” together.  No pretention, no nervousness, just time spent quietly connecting.  Great simple fresh food (including a smoothie made from both the coconut and starfruit we harvested ourselves) and the wonderful company of genuine kindred spirits; both equally nourishing.

Our last day was spent at the workshop housed in the beautiful Museo Eugenio Maria de Hostos, atop a mountain in beautiful humble Mayaguez.  The view was spectacular!

As for the workshop: We were inspired, encouraged and above all else, felt completely validated and both grateful for  and at peace with this path we have chosen as a family.  It was an incredible experience we will not ever forget!

Trystan and Alivia joined Devin and Tiffany up onstage; their first public speaking appearance. All four of them are so adept at expressing themselves. Their genuine answers all touched my heart and I am so proud of all of them!


And after we got serious, we got silly.

 It’s a wonderful thing to be with those with whom you can just let loose, be totally your silly selves. haha  These four will definitely be spending more time together.


We were blessed to make many connections and friends there in Puerto Rico.

And being with Dayna and her family, provided proof for me (for all of us) that genuine spirits whose mission it is to promote peace and love, to make a difference, to change the world as we know it now, are ultimately drawn to one another and when they are, it is as if they have always belonged, it is the natural order of things, of the oneness to which we all are.  And aside from that: it’s just so darn fun and easy to be with others of like mind and spirit.  What a joy it is to spend your time in such company!

This trip caused us to re-think some things, look even further outside the comfort box. We are so grateful that we made the sacrifices we did to be there.  We now fully understand why it was we were so compelled to go.

We needed to be there!

We cannot wait to see what other adventures await us!

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