Family Dress Up

Though costume creation is a frequent occurrence in our house, this past Halloween we ALL shared in the fun.

With the creation/completion of Trystan’s “Plague Doctor” costume, we sought out opportunities to showcase it and just two days before found out there was going to be a Halloween carnival at the local college.  Alivia had also put together an incredible handpainted costume of her own to show off.  Our plan was originally to just take the kids as is but last minute decided it would be totally fun to play dress up too!


I opted for throwing my roving dreads in, whipped up a little crown and an arm band with some recyclable/upcyclable stuff and donned the persona of Medusa.  I felt fierce; wicked cool!

DSC_5093brtrThen grabbed Rodel’s raincoat from work and with Trystan’s help to create a gas mask prop, quickly threw together this Walter White costume.  The addition of the gloves and glasses and some very very quick makeup artistry skills by me, and the look was complete.  haha


The Plague Doctor . . . little did we know what a hit this costume would be.  It also provided an education for a lot of those who didn’t know what he was.  People were not only impressed with the costume but thought it was so cool when they heard the stories behind it. In case you missed it, here is the original post about Trystan’s costume.


My little Celtic Huntress.

DSC_5081Close-up of the hand painted details on the belt piece and arm cuffs.  As she was creating this design, Livy became aware that without really knowing why, she was mostly inspired by ancient Celtic design.  I thought that was so cool considering that her ancestors on my mom’s side would most likely have been Celtic.


Walter White meets his fate with the Plague Doctor! heehee

Family dress up is so fun!  I think we just might need to have ourselves a costume party.

Stay tuned . . .

As always,


but also FUN and SILLINESS,



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