Family Road Trip to New Hampshire

Hear the phrase “road trip” and what usually comes to mind are the following:

For those of us old enough to remember:


And for a more recent example

As for us:

Last week, we embarked on a road trip across two states to visit some very special friends of ours.  We have spent a lot of time in the car together on many of our adventures in other places but this was the first time we drove that great a distance together.  It was a long trip for sure but it went well!

I am so proud of the relationship the four of us have.  One of the really good things that has come out of our being isolated where we are is that we have all really had a chance to get used to one another.  I’m not proposing to say that we never get on each other’s nerves, but in the society in which we live today, I do think it tends to be somewhat rare for parents and teens to get along as well as we seem to.  Look at all of the examples that are provided to us in the media via television shows, movies, reality shows, and even talk shows where hosts connect parents with “professionals” who can “fix” their teens and mend the broken relationships. It’s sad, really.  But it makes me so grateful that contrary to what we see in the media (and I get it, the above videos make for a more humorous take) we genuinely enjoy being together (even if it means 5 hours in the car).

Not to mention, that in addition to having our quality time together to share and talk about stuff, our road trips also provide for an excellent opportunity in the following lessons: Geography and navigation skills, playing our favorite word game (wherein we test our vocabulary, rhyming and alphabetical skills, we’ve been playing since the kids were really little) and of course, honing our singing skills.

Once we arrived, the fun (and learning) only continued!

Here are a few of the highlights from our time in New Hampshire . . .


Just before we left for our trip, Trystan had put together his forge but didn’t have much of a chance to work with it.  Within hours of arriving there in New Hampshire, the fire was set and the “boys” started to work.  I think the whole forging thing lasted for at least four days.


 With the exception of taking some time out to carve a walking stick (with the knife he forged, I might add).


 And build a shelter in the woods using only what the woodlands offered as resources.  Daddy and Livy had to give it a try.  The pine needle carpeting was rather cushy. heehee


Dance party fun with the girls in honor of a birthday.

 DSC_5401Making new friends and more girl time spent shopping in North Conway.

wthrctredAn impromptu field trip to the local Weather Education center . . .


and Remick farm in the beautiful little historic town of Tamworth.


I love this shot I snuck of the kids.  They just look so free!

Our time in New Hampshire really drove home for me the importance of time spent with others who share the same ideals and philosophy.  We had so much fun and the entire time we just felt such a sense of comfort and contentment.  Some say (mostly those who have lived there) that New Hampshire is magical.  I think I might have to agree.



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