Life, Love, Color and Freedom of Expression

Hey all!

It’s been super cold and with having only the one car in our household, the kids and I have been spending a lot of time indoors this past couple weeks. (With the exception of Trystan, who, when the urge becomes too persistent, will brave the elements to try and get his forge going. Haha)

So . . . here’s what I’ve been up to.

It’s the same for me every winter.  By the end of January (and even though I consciously know Spring is not too far off) I am always feeling the need for a change.  This applies mostly to our home.  I don’t know what it is exactly. I guess I just feel antsy and long for the color and the sunshine to come back.  Regardless, it’s almost like I feel by giving our home a transformation, it fills my need for a new beginning, a new adventure.

With the house being on the market, I have been holding back from going all out, opting for keeping things simple, neutral but . . . in view of all I have been through in the last couple of months, I have decided I will hold back no longer.  I need to feel more life, more color, more personality around me and I have this sneaking suspicion that whoever it may be, when that right person comes along, they will be someone who loves that about our house, someone who connects with our fun, expressive, artistic nature, and above all will be able to feel the love that permeates this house.  Maybe they’ll be a total gypsy soul, just like me! I hope so!

red doorFirst thing I did was bring in this fantastic red door from the garage (a curbside find this past summer) and because I am feeling the need to be surrounded by those I love and am so grateful for (those still here with us and those who have passed on) I made a cute little photo clothesline.


Alivia, actually, was the one who did this first. Incidentally-I adore her bedroom!  So much so, I will be dedicating an entire post to it.  It is so reflective of who she is and all the things she is passionate about.  And yet so beautifully, astethically decorated.  I really think she has some major potential as an interior decorator/designer.

Isn’t her little moustache pillow cute? It’s made by a local artist and friend, Shauna McCoy of Under the Green Umbrella.  (Click on the image of Livy’s bedroom to be magically transported to her adorable shoppe.)

*the yellow table in back was a Goodwill find (originally from Target). It’s really, kind of, the piece that inspired it all.

Collected some colorful pillows and blankets.  Made the patchwork-y one from a blouse of mine that I loved that got torn.  The Numi pillow is made from a Numi tea bag; a friend of mine Upcycling is such a big reward for me!  I love to take something and give it a new life.

Our favorite plush accessory: our puppy Oliver

Everything in our living room (minus our sofa) was either bought second-hand or a curbside find.  It was the way I was raised.  Out of necessity, I learned to appreciate the little things.  It’s something that is so important to me that I pass on to my kids.  And besides, recycling/upcycling is ultimately just another excellent way to display love, a way of showing gratitude for the earth.

DSC07939Lastly, I made this bookshelf system for my art studio/office corner.  When I brought this in from the curb, I initially had the idea to turn it into a shelving unit for the mudroom area for our boots but I thought this was a better use for it.  Add my colorful pendant flags made from scrap fabrics and voila! I love it!

Up next for me:

~I have a darling little white table I am thinking of painting a magnificent shade of aqua.

~A vintage window that I am going to turn into a wall hanging and replicate the photo clothesline for my bedroom so that I may see all of my lovies when I wake each morning.

~I am currently collecting these things:

1. wooden pallets to make a platform for our bed

2. colorful vintage hankies to make panels for an antique folding screen I have had for ages.

~And houesplants, houseplants, houseplants!!!

Be back to share my other projects with you as soon as I can

AND features on what Trystan and Livy BOTH are up to!

Until then,




UPDATE: I manifested (truly, I never gave up hope that it would still be there when I was able to go back and buy it) this fantastically perfect rug a week ago.  I love it! It is the key piece of Sunshine that ties this entire room together, don’t you think?

And it’s perfect for Ollie’s doggy yoga too; heehee










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