2 thoughts on “Embracing the Process”

  1. Beautifully written and expressed, Amber. No matter who each of has lost, or how, or when, in our own lives, grieving is always so individual, infinitely personal since all of us, all of our experiences, all the people we grieve over are as different as our fingerprints and DNA . . . . Yet, we all have to go through it repeatedly on our journeys and can share a somewhat knowing empathy with each other. A deep down understanding and reciprocal respect for each others’ struggles and fears. That respect and empathy is enough to let us know we are not alone, no matter how different each situation may be, we are not alone here on Earth. But we are not alone in our spiritual world either and as time passes, you will be able to look past your Earthly sorrow and rejoice in the adventure of life that never ends, that surrounds us even when we are not always consciously aware – we get tuned into, if we let ourselves “let go” enough of our naive preconceptions of how we thought things would go down here in this temporary place, and embrace the memories brought to life with a thought, the dream visits, the little signs, the big signs, the funny signs, the signs only explained by the idea those that are not with us on Earth physically, are with us spiritually and forever.


    1. Thank you Marsha.
      I believe all of these things! Tyler will always be with me and not just in the sense that he will live on in my memories. Ours was an unusual bond, he was a soul-mate and as such, we will always be connected, he will always be with me.


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