We know where to go!

Consider this an Update to Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo . . .


We now know where to go!

Charlotte, North Carolina

Granted, this is a picture of downtown and we have no intention of living such the city life as this.


Something more like this is what we have in mind. . .

Historic downtown of Rock Hill, South Carolina
Historic downtown of Rock Hill, South Carolina (just 20 minutes from Charlotte)


But regardless, where it is specifically we will end up, we are definitely headed south. The job has been secured by daddy and he reports to work there the end of this month.  I have no doubt, things are headed in the right direction and it won’t be long now that we will all be there together. All that’s left now (the only thing really standing in our way) is to find the right buyer for our home. *

Click on this picture to be taken on a virtual tour of our home. Like what you see? Give our agent a call.

Some things we have to look forward to with this move:

~milder warmer weather. Average number of sunny days are 281! Yippee! I love my little town and New York is so beautiful but this California gal misses the sunshine and the waves.

~homeschooling support (and if we end up just over the border into South Carolina-very little regulations but the upkeep of this blog. Yay!)

~fantastic amenities including beautiful health food stores,  great restaurants (vegan friendly places), good coffee (Starbucks, heehee) and more opportunities for the kids with their favorite activities: skateboarding and shopping for Liv,  parkour and airsoft for Trystan.  Not to mention great museums, libraries, thrift and book stores, you name it! Lots to be done and lots to experienced.

~less of a commute, less stress for Dad with his new job.

~And best of all: because we are choosing to stay on the east coast, easy access to be with our friends. A straight shot up to New Hampshire to be with our tribe, just a two hour drive west to our friends in Asheville and a quick trip back here to New York for mom (that’s me) to be with her Chicks every year.

All in all, we are all anticipating what comes next, excited for the prospect and feeling really good about it.

On a final note, the day we received the call, found out, coincided with the 4 month anniversary of my brother Ty’s death. I think that says something. That we still have his support and maybe even his help.  That it is the right thing.  That as we say goodbye to what was, we are readied to say hello to what comes our way.  There is a beauty in that, I think.

Looking back now,  this past year has been so full for us, some of it a tragedy, some of it sheer glory, but all of it leading to this; this new chapter in our life, a new beginning to reflect the metamorphosis this year has been (most especially for myself but we have all grown tremendously) and how appropriate that this is all taking place in the Spring; the earth’s season of rebirth and renewal.

Love, light and Spring blessings to all on whatever venture you may be undertaking,


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