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It’s the Little Things (a tidbit share of our daily life)

Little things I love about what this lifestyle affords us . . .

When you don’t expect someone to do something for you, when you don’t take advantage of the other person, when you recognize that everyone does their part, when you show respect you get respect, when you show appreciation you get appreciation.  An example that seems so small but means so much: Trystan had put some bagels in the toaster oven and while he was focused on playing his game, the alarm went off. I happened to be in kitchen so I decided it’d be nice to take them out for him and butter them up, put some cream cheese on them.  When I took them to him he was so appreciative and said “ah Mom, you didn’t have to do that.”  He was totally sincere.  And knowing he didn’t expect it of me, I felt more motivated to do it for him.  I knew he would appreciate the gesture and he felt loved/looked out for in that instance.  It’s a small thing but it set the tone for the whole day.

Both my kids are pretty self sufficient.  They have been taking care of feeding themselves for a few years now.  Both decide for themselves what they want to eat, make their own smoothies/green drinks, cook their own breakfast and lunches, help out with dinner.  As far as cleaning goes in our house, just as they are responsible for their own hygiene (keeping their bodies clean) I have only ever told the kids that they are only responsible for their own spaces (their rooms).  They have always made the choice (both of them) to keep their rooms tidy.  We have found (and discussed) that  physical clutter tends to lead to mental/emotional clutter; we all feel much better, more at peace when the house is in order. And so for the most part, it usually is.  But when it’s not, that’s okay, too. It’s always only temporary.  It is a system that works for us beautifully!

I have a friend who would say “This life rocks!”  I would have to agree.  Wholeheartedly! There is much evidence of that in my home every day.

Our life is awesome!

Here’s to the little things!


*I actually wrote up this post months ago and for some reason failed to share it. As of today, I also have this to share.  Further proof that when children are given freedom and respect they come to things on their own.  And knowing that they are motivated out of love and appreciation means so much more than if they had been forced or commanded to do something, or worse threatened with punishment or shame if they hadn’t.  And so, here you have it . . .

Both of my kids decided on their own, that in a effort to help out more, to ease some of my workload here at home, they have taken over the chore of doing their own laundry.  Their perspective: They are old enough to do it themselves, it’s good for them to have that skill and it helps me which makes them happy.

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