Lessons from the Universe (aka Wish Granted)

Every once in a while, the Universe surprises you and hands you with a situation that just makes you go . . .

“Woah! That was awesome.”


Anyone familiar with this blog and/or our family knows that living our lives with the law of attraction and belief in manifestation is really sort of a new thing for us. We are still learning the ways of it and sometimes it feels like we get it right and sometimes it feels like, maybe not so much.
Well, this is one of those times when we most definitely got it right!

It begins on a Thursday night two weeks ago.
(always a Thursday it seems, hmmm. Note to self: look into that.)

Papa Tabangay had come into town for a visit (a little pre-birthday celebration for Trystan) and after two delays, I picked him up at the airport late in the evening. We were in the “big city” and it was just the two of us, so we weren’t exactly anxious to head home just yet. We had been talking about Livy’s desire to learn to play the guitar and decided we would just check out the local music store, see what they had, do a little research for if/when we were ready to get her one.

The store was quiet, about an hour ‘til closing, only a few other customers meandering. We made a beeline for a group of guitars on display; on special; seemed a pretty good deal but I wasn’t sure and we weren’t there to actually buy a guitar anyway, just looking. But then Rodel said, maybe we could just go ahead and get her one. If we found a good deal, we shouldn’t pass it up.

 Alivia comes from a long line of guitar players in our family; my husband (in case you aren’t aware),  a guitar player since he was a teen.  Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to resist a little play time of his own, so we headed into “the room” both to sample a few prospective buys and for a little playtime on some of the best. While he played, I strolled around the room, surveying the contents, saw a couple guitars that caught my eye but pretty much stuck to our price range (which was very limited, mind you).

My hubby jamming with my dad; an important part of quality time with our family.

For a moment, my mind focused in on Rodel playing and then quickly wandered to thoughts of my brother, him playing, a vision of him lost in his own rythym just as much as Rodel was in that moment, how he would be so excited to hear that Livy wanted to play guitar, how much he’d want to be a part of sharing his insights and knowledge with her or looking forward to jamming with her one day soon.  I let him know quietly in my mind that I wished he could be there with us, help us in picking just the right one.

Uncle Ty in his early years . . .

My thoughts were interrupted by an employee entering the room. He came to speak to another guy who had been circling the room like me. I didn’t exactly hear what was being said but I did manange to get that there was some sort of trade going on. They walked out the door together, Rodel picked out another guitar to try, strummed a bit and asked what I thought. I told him I wasn’t really sure but I felt like the right one was there and when we found it, when I saw it, I would just know. And that it would be one that Livy would both love and we could afford. Just then my view was directed through the glass doors to a guy holding a guitar. Correction: Not just A guitar but THE guitar. I knew it the moment I saw it, just as I said I would. I then noticed it was that same employee who had come in and beside him that same guy he was speaking with. I told Rodel I felt compelled, I had to go ask if it was for sale, that I knew it was the right one.

And so I did. And after a bit more discussion, it was established that it was for sale and at a much, much lower price than we were looking to spend. The guy had only had the guitar for a few months and decided he wanted to upgrade. It was his first guitar and he was struggling a bit with trading it in but his girlfriend assured him he would not regret it. Us being there at that exact moment and him hearing our story of how we knew it was the perfect guitar for our daughter (and the background info that she was an aspiring musician and singer being raised in a home where music is everything), he felt at ease and pretty excited about the whole deal. Our being there to buy the guitar made it possible for him to get the new guitar he wanted and feel at ease saying goodbye to his first guitar.
The whole situation just flowed perfectly and felt so right. In the end, we were able to get our baby girl her guitar for a price much much lower than we anticipated and still have the funds to get her the other things she’d be needing (new strings, a stand, a strap, and a handful of picks thrown in, too.)

I turned to Rodel and we both knew; we had either manifested the hell outta that situation (heehee) or had help. Or perhaps, both, I tend to think that maybe Uncle Tyler had a part in it too. In the end, he was there with us, helping us pick out the right one; got to be a part of it all just as I desired he would be.

and in later years (2012)

And many people were made happy that night.

Us: as parents able to support and facilitate our daughter’s passions (and possible career, wink wink)
The couple who gave up the guitar: they came back up to us three times before leaving to relate how awesome the whole thing was.
The employee who witnessed it all: he told us it made his night and threw in several free guitar picks to show his support
AND, of course
Alivia, who was completely surprised and so very grateful!


We’ve learned* (the hard way it feels at times) that the harder you try to control the outcome, the more resistance you face. Never be afraid, my friends to just let go and trust. When you put yourself in that place and let go of the expectation, things seem to just fall into place. It did for us that night. We proclaimed we were happy either way (guitar or no guitar), decided not to stress over it but let our desire be made known and the universe then granted it to us.

Thank you UNIVERSE, you rock!!!

~Keep on dreaming and believing~
LoVe and Light,

*yes, we learned. Funny things about us unschoolers . . . we believe: Even as adults, we learn because learning is simply a by-product of living and so it never stops, for as long as we are living. Isn’t that the truth? wink wink


Livy is a total natural, of course! She is already half-way through the song she wanted to first learn to play and practicing daily.

Just tonight she was doing a little playing with her dad via facetime . . .



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