Happiness Shared: Random Acts of Kindness #2

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

The weather here in New York has been unusually warm this past week and both yesterday and today, the weather has been perfect; sunny warm with an incredible breeze, just beautiful.  We also incidentally have been without a car for about a week now, as well.  If you put the two of those elements together, you get an awful lot of walking into town to do our errands and in the most beautiful of conditions to do so.  It’s been awesome and our errands more enjoyable.  It has also afforded for more exercise (maybe all the seratonin is what is making us feel so good) and time to really connect with each other, even more rewarding.

Something we have all noticed is that when you are in such a good state of mind, everything else seems to flow in that same direction of happy, the good energy flows easier and just plain good things seem to come your way.  You really do attract what you put out.  Most excellent!

For example:


Yesterday, at one of our stops in town, Alivia spotted this adorable little mylar happy face balloon.  She asked if we could buy it.  I thought she just liked it but what she expressed is that she wanted to give it away in a random act of kindness.  She wasn’t sure who in particular she wanted to give it to but said she wanted it to be someone she didn’t really know, that she felt that would have more impact in her goal to spread positivity and love.  She would know when the time was right and who the right recipient would be.


She decided that she wanted to give it to the receptionist in our dentist’s office.  We knew of them but didn’t really know any of the girls in the office personally.  So today we walked down there, she marched up to the window and handing them the happy face, explained she was on a mission of love and to spread more positivity in the world, starting with our town and wished the woman a very nice day.


A note on relinquishing control and trusting your kids, letting them lead the way:

Alivia had kinda rehearsed what she thought she might say. She kept using that term, to “spread positivity”.   I actually thought it sounded a bit too formal, that maybe it might be better to say something like “wanted to make someone’s day better and I chose you” or “wanted to brighten just one person’s day”.  But what I failed to see is that my phrasing was limiting.   But Alivia’s phrasing and use of the word “spread” was all encompassing,  When she said those words to the receptionist it gave the woman the idea that it wasn’t just selective to her.  And she said shw was going to put the balloon up in window, visible to all,  so that everyone who came through could be told the story and the positivity would be spread (just as Alivia wanted) to everyone who visited the office.  Alivia knew best with her brilliant emotional intuition.  Way to go!

The happiness continued when arriving back at the house from the dentist’s office we found a large box on the back porch.

Trystan decided a week or two ago that he wanted to pick up where he left off with playing electric guitar.  We shared that on facebook along with a request that anyone who might be getting rid of an old amplifier for cheap, contact us.  What we got instead, just days later was this amazing gift from Trystan’s uncle; a brand new great big beautiful Fender amp.  We have always been so fortunate that even when we haven’t been able to fully meet our kids’ needs and passions because of what we perceive as financial limitations, the universe has delivered.*


Trystan is so thrilled and it so made his day!


Now I’m being serenaded on a daily basis with acoustic guitar downstairs and electric upstairs simultaneously.

Music to this momma’s ears.  Makes me happy and in turn the cycle is complete.

And so . . . with this post, consider our happiness shared.



* to read the inspiring story behind how we got Livy’s guitar,scroll down to the post before this one or click HERE.

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