October: Milestone Birthdays, Kissing British Boys, Building Lodges,Trading Kids, Making Our Own Music and Lots of Fun

It’s been a bit since I’ve blogged to y’all (that’s me getting used to my new lingo) so, here I am with all the latest and greatest that we, Tabangays have been up to . . .

This month is just flying by, I tell ya.  The whole year, actually.

To start at the beginning, I celebrated my 40th birthday.  It’s so funny, how when we are children, we tend the think that 40 is so ancient.  This year may have held some traumatic experiences for me and a lot of time spent in limbo, which can be exhausting, but all in all, I feel so great with where I am, here at this age.  And I feel younger than I have in a long time.  It makes such a difference in how you feel when you are able to look at life with gratitude for your place in it, a sense of satisfaction in having arrived where you are and the viewpoint that there is still so much beauty and wonder and accomplishment to come.  I am so blessed.

As a fun little present to myself and perhaps a bit reflective of some changes in my thinking, I decided to go back to my blonde hair.  It is a deviation from what is a big part of my life in trying to live in the most natural way possible but I excel in so many ways in that endeavor and I was feeling a need to just let go and allow myself a bit of room to indulge myself.  Interestingly enough, I suddenly feel “lighter”, more relaxed, even more so, my spunky self.

From my Instagram feed, I captioned this one: “If Pippi Longstocking had dreadlocks.  Oh and if she was a blonde” It seems since turning 40, I have also become quite the selfie queen. There is something so empowering in sharing yourself with the world, letting your light shine for all to see.

Life at 40 is awesome!  I can’t wait for 60!  I know I am totally gonna rock it even more so!

The second week, we headed back out on the road to New Hampshire, once again to visit our friends (and by extension our family).  It was Livy’s best friend, Tiffany’s 13th birthday.  Officially, a teen!

Happy Birthday Tiffols! We love you!

There was so much fun to be had in the three days we were there.

Lots of music, lots of dancing, vision board making, consumption of all sorts of delicious vegan goodies, and even a stint of “Pin the Kiss” on Harry Styles.

See for yourself  . . .


And while the girls partied it up, Trystan and Devin got in a bit of practice.  One of his newest pursuits, Trystan has taken up playing the electric guitar and as to be expected, he too, is a total natural.  As is Devin, on the drums.  The extent of these kids’ talents astound me.  I believe a rock band is in the works, as we speak.

After the party weekend, we returned home and we brought Tiffany with us.  She and Alivia are upstairs, as we speak, working on some covers they hope to record for their prospective You Tube channels.*  And so far this week, we have worked on some art projects, written a script and began filming their own horror movie, gotten quite a bit of singing and guitar practice in, had a fabulous girls’ day out at the mall, watched our fair share of scary movies (it appears to be the newest fascination for both), and today we took a walk into town to Canal Place for a little time by the water.

My little vegan unschooled rockstars love their pizza. PIZZA PIZZA!!!!


Trystan has been spending his time in New Hampshire with the Martins.

In addition to filming two episodes of a new You Tube feature “The Woodsman” . . .


he and Devin have been working hard to get Devin’s lodge ready for winter.


October has been a full and very fun month. Up next: Halloween, two days from now and in our next post, the debut of Trystan’s costume for this year. He has been at it for weeks now.  You will not believe it.  I am so excited to share it with you all!  STAY TUNED . . .

Autumn blessings,

The Tabangays


~All of the photos used in this post were taken from our Instagram feed.  If you don’t already, be sure to follow us to keep up on our latest adventures HERE: Persnicketyphotog (the IG feed for Beyond Sky’s the Limit)


*Tiffany on YouTube: Tiff Martin

Livy on YouTube: It’s Livy Rosie

ALSO a special thanks to the Sparkling Martins  for the vlogs featured in this post.

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