Creation of an Assassin (It’s not what you think!)

As promised, here is the unveiling of Trystan’s costume . . .

If you’ve read our blog before, you will be aware that Trystan is a big gamer; focusing mostly on historical and war strategy games.  His favorite of all of them (as well as mine) has been the Assassins Creed games.  He has been anxiously awaiting the release of the newest in the series and has based his latest costume design on his favorite of the characters from this new game : Arno Dorian, from Assassins Creed: Unity.

Here’s what the animated version looks like:


AND here’s what Trystan’s design looks like:

From the front (and featuring his hidden blade he created a few years ago)

And from the back/side angle.

Not only was there so much that went into this costume, so many pieces and details but the single most impressive thing, I think, about the design and execution of this costume was all of the intricate, detailed and at times, complicated sewing that went into creating this coat.

The entire coat design/pattern was drawn out first on a combination of newspaper and cardstock, altering the pieces as he went along to determine a perfect custom fit.  Then came the task of learning as he went along to piece it all together, button holes and all.  This is impressive to me, as I can barely manage a straight line with a hem, much less the intricacy and accuracy of button hole making (16 in all).

The vest was created from an old coat of mine that had been sitting in my closet for a couple of years.  I was only too glad to sacrifice it as it was the perfect piece to complete the task.  The belts and accessories were the product of three separate trips to a local thrift store, as was the ascot, and the undershirts and pants (with a few slight modifications for historical accuracy).   The fabric and buttons for the coat were probably our largest expense but watching this costume come to life (and Trystan at the accomplishment, as well) was worth every penny!

Facilitating my kids’ creative pursuits never fails to bring me such joy.  As a result my kids feel supported, believed in and loved.  And the sacrifices made are always appreciated.  And returned in so many little ways.

Gratitude, LoVe and Light,


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