Finding Her Rythym


As a follow-up to the post a few months back where I related how it was we came to buy Livy a guitar*, I wanted to share this video with you all.

It is a bit of time in the making.  Livy has been making videos since she was about six years old; in so many capacities and in many varying forms of entertainment; cooking shows, puppet theater, her own short films (scripted and acted out), silent films, dancing, singing, you name it.  She was born, a natural entertainer/performer, for sure!

Alice in Wonderland music video production at the age 9. Heehee She played both Alice AND the Hatter
Alice in Wonderland music video production at the age 9. Heehee She played both Alice AND the Hatter

It has been for about the last year that she has been making videos for her YouTube channel.  In that time, she has been inspired by so many other talented young people (friends and fellow you-tubers) courageous enough to put themselves out there and show the world what they’ve got.    While so many of her videos on her channel are such a great display of her personality, it has always been her goal to one day be able to feature her talents.  Bringing that guitar into the house (just four months ago) has really re-ignited that natural performer in her and I am so pleased to be able to share THIS, her first (of many, I anticipate) performance videos:

A guitar cover of a song from one of her favorite bands.

~TO SILENCE IZ (and his beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow),

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An now . . . Take it away girl!!

And as for you, our blog followers:

Thank you so much for your support in just taking the time to read of our adventures!

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LoVe, LiGht, and MuSic always,


*Did you miss out on that post? Click HERE to read all about how we came to acquire the guitar that started it all.  It’s a great story, I promise!

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