A Day in the Life- Livy

THIS POST WAS WRITTEN A FEW WEEKS PAST AND SOMEHOW ESCAPED PUBLISHING but because it’s content is really applicable to any average day in our lives, I have chosen to still share it.

For all those who wondered about what A DAY IN THE LIFE of an unschooled teen looks like . . .


~February 10th 2015,

After two days of filming and a full day of editing, Livy’s new video is now up!

We love her videos and we are so supportive of her making them.  Financial limitations and uncooperative computers and cameras make it a bit of a challenge at times for her, but she still remains passionate and devoted to the cause.  i think, for me, it just makes me all the prouder and the process just that much more impressive.  All in a day.

But making videos for her You Tube channel is not all her life entails.  Though, at her age, she is responsible for the most part in the planning and execution of her day, there is a lot of time spent together as a family.  While the kids have a lot of their own free time, there is still much time that is pretty inclusive.

For the most part, our days have always centered around the kids’ interests.  There are always things that need to be done (laundry, dishes, and the usual errands.)  In recent years, those tasks have become more divided amongst us.  The kids often will do their own laundry, help with the dishes, and errands are turned into ventures outside the house, we take together.  We don’t ever really have a set schedule or specific days set, but going with the flow on an as need basis, we get it done.  And then there’s just the fun times, the spontaneous detours, and the unforseen adventures.

Today (for Livy) was a lot like most days.  Ending with her helping her cousin,  David (in California) with his channel then the usual facetiming with her bestie, Tiff (in New Hampshire) while she works on her own vid*,working out together (what physical ed looks like in our house), fixing dinner for themselves (together), then back up to her room for a bit of guitar practice and into bed for a little chat before sleep.  Educational time, nourishing our bodies with food and excercise, quality time with your best friend. From my perspective, all pretty average normal stuff.

And from Livy’s perspective . . .


If you’re intrigued by her announcement at the end of this video, check out my last post HERE to see what exciting prospect she is referring to. wink wink

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