Update: Quality Time With Friends and Cha Cha Changes

Has it really been nearly two whole months?
So much has happened and so much is currently happening!
March was devoted to spending a lot of our time, traveling back and forth to New Hampshire to be with our “sparkling” friends..


We had (as always) a fun-filled extended stay that started with this:

and included but wasn’t limited to:

 YouTube video collaborations* with the dynamic duo of Livolls and Tiffols, guitar jams and singing sessions, skyping with fans, independent movie productions, woodworking, tromping through snow, playing board games (from ancient of times), designing and sewing of historically accurate Nordic turbans, experimenting with natural dyes, trying out of new recipes, creating yummy new dishes, coffee drinking, shopping, volunteer work and radical acts of kindness, and guest features on the Sparkling Martins YouTube Channel; this challenge video, being the highlight of them all:


Improv at it’s best!

The beauty of being with such good friends is the comfortability and authenticity you feel in each others’ presence. Your time together always worth every minute, a place to feel safe, a place to be fully you, to be accepted and loved for simply being you, at your best but also even at your worst, a nurturing environment to grow as individuals but also together.  This is what we are grateful to have found in our friends; a family, a home away from home.

And speaking of homes~

On the homefront, the end of the March brought forth an exciting opportunity for us, some real

“Cha Cha Changes”

My vision board proclaiming that this Spring we would begin our new adventure. ;)
My vision board proclaiming that this Spring we would begin our new adventure. 😉

By another set of incredible circumstances, a string of “coincidences” if you may, we not only found buyers for our home here in New York, but have gained new friends in the process and powerful testimony (yet again) that when you surrender to the magical power of the Universe, marvelous things do happen.


And when it’s right, I am happy to report that things move rather quickly.  So quickly, I haven’t had the time to get over here and fill you all in until now.  And now in a matter of just over a month’s time, we will begin the first chapter of this new adventure.  Can’t wait to share it with you all!

Alas, I must. But I’ll be back soon, to share this next chapter of our radical lives.

North Carolina, here we come!

As always,

May you be surrounded by light, blessed by love

AND never stop seeking out the next adventure!

~The Tabangays~

*Click here for: Livy’s Channel and  Tiff’s Channel

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