We Have Arrived . . .


I’m sitting in a closet in the kitchen of my new home.

Weird, right?  What am I doing in a closet?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Our new home is not nearly as big as our former home; smaller probably by about a thousand square feet.  So, in place of spare bedrooms that function as offices and art spaces, we have closets.  And that’s exactly how we like it.

There’s something really cool about taking this compact space and with a bit of creative ingenuity turning it into just what you need.  It’s really what this whole house symbolizes for us.  Simplifying. Minimizing. Streamlining down to the basics.  It was a part of the plan right from the beginning, inclusive in our fresh start. Creating a space that reflects the family who lives here and the friends welcome here; a place that’s cozy and comfortable, a place where spirits are nourished by a steady flow of art, music and good food, and a place overflowing with aloha spirit, where peace, love and ohana reign supreme.  Despite being short on space it is going to be a home filled to the brim with all the good stuff, all the stuff that matters!

We left our home (and by extension, our experience) in New York for a new beginning. The last couple of years have been years of such change and growth for us as individuals, and collectively, as a family.  We are all at a place where we are so ready to step into this new life, this new adventure and we are excited at the prospects.  We chose this home because it just felt right and each day we are here, it feels better and better.

We have arrived.

We are in a good place.

We feel it.

In so many ways.

~And so our new adventure begins.~

Stay tuned . . .

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