Project: Bookcase



One of the things we are really enjoying about our new neighborhood is the amount of amenities nearby.  We have never been big shoppers.  Most of our shopping is at thrift stores and if we’re fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, curbside.  It’s a lifestyle that has suited us for many years. But I have to admit, I do appreciate a jaunt to Target every now and then.  Especially now that they’ve expanded to include some pretty decent health food and vegan fare.  It’s one of those places where I don’t end up buying a lot but end up leaving inspired to find my own way to either get or make my own things.  The same goes for Ikea and Anthropologie.

A recent trip to Ikea yielded a desire for this particular piece of furniture:



and this picture on Pinterest, was even more of what we were looking for:

And so rather than purchase the units from the high-end store at double the price, we set out to make one of our own.

It began on a warm summer night five days ago …

The boys turned our deck into a woodworking station and set to work. The air was abuzz with the buzz of the saw and the sawdust was indeed flying.





And just a day later, putting all of the pieces together.


Next up was to move the mirror we had been storing in our bedroom for this very project.  From the moment we walked into this house, we had always known it belonged on the wall.  We just weren’t sure just “how” yet.  This bookshelf unit was the perfect solution.


Our original intention was to paint the unit to look as if it was all one piece but we’ve decided to leave it for now, just to be sure.  Livy seemed to like it as is and I have to agree.  For now, that is.  Stay tuned . . .

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