This poor post has sat in the drafts folder for over a month now and I just couldn’t seem to get it together to get it composed.  It was originally titled: “New Friends, Milestones and New Beginnings.”  But we are so past all that.  We have been up to so much, are always busy.  There have been so many events we’ve been to, milestones reached , birthdays and anniversaries celebrated.  There is just so much I’d have to relate to catch you all up.  A lot of typing!  Haha  But then it occurred to me.  Maybe there really isn’t anything to say other than what can be summed up with this simple phrase.  This is plain and simple what I want to share:


None of us can hardly believe that we have been here in our new surroundings for less than a year. We all feel it is as if we belonged here all along! Recent events and especially the people who have come into our life have really made some very important things clear to us.

THIS taken from my Instagram feed.
THIS taken from my Instagram feed sums it up perfectly.


Life can be challenging at times and the past two years, we’ve been through some pretty major stuff.  We’ve lost loved ones (not by our choice) and (by choice) have had to say goodbye to others.  And through both experiences, we learned a lot about ourselves.  Together (and more importantly, as individuals) we grew stronger, braver and more aware. Things are so clear to us now; the clearest being in just how much of a fog we were living.  But that fog has lifted, the air around us so light and free.   We bravely shut old doors, never even realizing how quickly all the new ones would magically open before us.  And on the other side, we have experienced such greatness and with such ease.  I know there are bound to be more lessons to be learned and life can’t be this easy all the time but we are feeling so much love and support right now, that the threat of whatever comes our way feels pretty surmountable. It just means even more growth and blessings.

All these years, it seems have led us here (both geographically and philosophically). To this place of peace, contentment, and the realization that should you choose to be open and free, the universe rewards you with just that sort of environment.  And that there’s no need to wander, hopelessly searching for your tribe.  Your tribe will come to you. They will find you and you will recognize them almost instantly (I say almost because sometimes that old programmed fear can creep in) and only once you’ve let go and are willing to trust your heart.  It’s not something you question, it’s not something you have assess. It’s just a feeling you have. It’s a feeling we now, for the first time are genuinely feeling.  It’s the lesson I have learned this past year but something I am so much more grateful for my the kids to have learned.  It’s like we finally have found the perfect fit.

This is our place. This is our tribe. 


the Tabangays

To see just how much fun we’ve been up to with our new tribe, check out Trystan’s and Livy’s personal pages.

~And THIS:


my favorite snapshot to date. A perfect evening to end a perfect year~

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