Ushering in the New Year with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Goodbye 2015 and thanks for the memories . . .


A new year always brings with it a chance  at do-over’s, fresh starts and new beginnings.  For us, this year was in more ways than it ever has been, a chance to look back and see how vastly different a turn our lives have taken, how different things really are than what we originally envisioned and all of it in the most wonderful and blessed of ways.  We have come so far in so many ways, experienced so much in just a few short months. The end of 2015 held some tough lessons for us, such clarity and then such tremendous fulfillment.  As we begin 2016, we are so contented, filled with such optimism and surrounded by such genuine love.  It’s what seems to permeate our household these days. And I am so grateful.

This chilly winter morning, after a very busy and wonderful weekend, these are the thoughts that fill my head.  Despite how busy and full our lives have been as of late, this morning I am taking the time to sit down, reminisce and reconnect.  Inevitably, I find that part of that process includes being here, sharing with you.

The past three months have been a whirlwind of celebrations for us.

And at the center: LOVE.




With our friends here:

We were able to attend two separate proper holiday parties with friends before we took off on our trip out west. This meant everything to the kids (and by extension to us) as for the first time in forever, they were reluctant to even leave on our trip for fear of what they might miss out on and most especially just how much they were going to miss everyone.


With Family in California:

Feeling “home: even when home is thousands of miles away.
Letting go, letting loose with those who accept your craziness.


Deep belly laughs and total security with those who love you unconditionally.


Dearest of friends, forever friends that feel like family.
Dearest of friends, forever friends that feel like family. More my sister than simply a friend.


Ringing in the New Year:

It was a humble celebration at the in-laws. We celebrated downstairs while the kids celebrated with their friends upstairs via Skype.


A celebration of what was, a celebration of life, a celebration of Tyler . . .

The day before we made our trip back home, we spent the day at County Line (Tyler’s beach). It felt good, felt right to be there at the dawn of a new year; the perfect place to reflect on the soul journey I have tread in the time since my brother left us. It occurred to me that January also would’ve have marked his 28th birthday, always a big part of the month for me.  The day was full of heartwarming memories and magical happenings.

(to read more about that day, click here.)

Back, at home, it was friends, friends and more friends time.  Culminating in a very special night . . .



cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vWzhk4 (27)
Winter Formal Dance January 30th 2016


I guess it could be seen as simply a coincidence (seeing as to so many it is month devoted to love) but February, so far has really been a month of defining and strengthening of relationships for all of us, a true “seeing” of those in our lives and their importance to us. It’s been about not holding back from telling them how we feel, showing them how much they mean to us.  And it’s been about acknowledging our own gifts and offerings, that special something only we bring to this world.  It’s been about LOVE but not just romantic love, celebrating it in all its forms.

Simple coffee dates with the one you love. ;)
Spending your days off in simple coffee dates with the one you’ve chosen. 😉


Celebrating milestones with those who matter most to us. And not forsaking the opportunity to let them know how much they mean to us.

And next up for us:

Livy and I will be leaving for California the end of this week in order to attend a celebration of love between these two:

Sweet! *
Sweet! *

Congrats to my beautiful cousin and her wonderful guy.

Wow! I wonder what March will hold for us!!!

As we turn the corner on this month and think ahead to all the things we have planned, I am assured that this year will be an abundant one and look forward to all the further outpourings of love, the deepening of new relationships and the celebrating of those of old.

As always . . .

Love and Light to all!


*this gorgeous photo was captured by the same talented photographer (Erika Killen of EK One Stop Studio) who we were blessed to have shoot us.  haha

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