Free range living, Growing up, raising teens

We’re Back!

Welcome to our new blogging home.

Not as fancy as the prior one but it will suit it’s purpose.  What that purpose is, is not yet clear but we couldn’t bear to say goodbye completely.  In so many ways, we have remained the same family we’ve always been. In the important stuff, we have never swayed; our philosophy to living our best life with true freedom of expression and centered around love still remains our anchor.  But things are different too.  We are and always will be,  mom and dad, but the kids aren’t nearly kids, anymore.  In this fast, wonderful, magical, ever-evolving world, they are striking out on their own.  And it is wonderful.  It means that their time is more readily spent in seeking out their passions and forging their own individual paths.

Jobs, driver’s licenses, friends, significant others; all part of our lives now.  Everything, we have done (and more importantly not done) has led us to this place.  A place of newfound independence, stumbles, successes, growth and prosperity.

We are (as always) excited to share this new chapter but it seems that what was for so long, “our” chapter (my story to tell from my humble perspective) has now become ours AND theirs.  Their path has always been their own and our role, to unconditionally and lovingly support that path.  So it is as if they’ve always had their own story but for so long I have been the voice to share it.  Now, they are making their own stories and those stories are for them to tell, should they wish, on their own, in their own way. Sure,  it is an adjustment for this blogging, free parenting mama who has been so driven all these years to share, share, share but it is a welcome one.  So, I very well may continue the storytelling tradition but what that will look like, in this space and how that plays out, remains to be seen.  Perhaps, as you have been all these years, you will be with my in finding the way. I hope so.

Stay tuned.

Love and Light,